What is the Deputy Mayor’s plan for Housing in London

13 July 2016, Blog

London First recently hosted an event called ‘working with the London Mayor to achieve 50,000 Homes’ to launch its publication Homes for Londoners: A Blue Print for how the Mayor can deliver the homes Londoners needs.

The publication takes the view that the Mayor needs to better harness his existing powers though a new agency called Homes for Londoners that will,

  1. Bring forward public land for development
  2. Provide additional resource for planning in support of local Councils,
  3. Make sure infrastructure especially transport is coordinated with development,
  4. Forge a new relationship with housing associations to deliver affordable homes and
  5. Ensure London has the skilled workforce to build the homes Londoners need.

The Deputy Mayor for Housing James Murray found much to agree with in the publication as it reflected Sadiq Khan’s previous commitments but his thoughts about what happens next were of more interest to the audience.

He outlined his next steps as being,

  1. Identifying public land available to for house building.
  2. Seeking a better funding settlement of government to support more housing in London.
  3. Seek a strategic relationship with Housing Associations to build more affordable housing
  4. To use the Mayor’s planning powers to encourage build to rent and part rent schemes to supply houses at sub market rents.

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