Will the ‘Corbyn effect’ spill over into the mayoral race?

3 September 2015, Blog

‘Corbyn-mania’ is sweeping the Labour Party. If the polls are to be trusted, it looks like the MP for Islington will be become leader of the opposition on 12 September. The London-based new £3 and affiliated voters who have joined the party to vote for Corbyn are likely to change the direction of the London mayoral race by voting for a left wing candidate – Sadiq Khan or Corbyn ally, Diane Abbott.

The surge in support means that Tessa Jowell – who has been the frontrunner for the majority of the race – may find her position jeopardised. It seems difficult to imagine a Dame Tessa, who is a close friend of Tony Blair, running London whilst Jeremy Corbyn is leader.

Sadiq Khan has the support from six big unions and can expect to secure the backing of most of the left-wing newcomers. Diane Abbott is also set to benefit from the voting preferences of the new voters and may be boosted into third place when the votes are counted. Between Khan and Jowell, the race now seems closer than ever. 

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