Zac Goldsmith calls for more affordable housing

11 November 2015, Blog

The Conservative candidate, Zac Goldsmith, has made a promise to recommend amendments to the Government’s Housing Bill in order to increase affordable housing across the capital.

The Bill, as it currently stands, would allow every housing association tenant to buy their rented homes at a discount. Housing associations would then have to be compensated for the loss of their housing stock; the Government plans to raise this cash compensation from the sale of high-value council housing. But there is a worry that housing stock could be lost as a result of this method.

Concerned that “without a change we are going to see a disproportionate flow of resources out of London”, Goldsmith has tabled an amendment to the Bill, requiring local authorities to build two affordable homes for every one home sold.

The MP for Richmond claims that he has already gained widespread support for this proposal from every London Conservative backbench MP. The Bill is now in committee stage and will be considered by all MPs later this year.

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