Zac Goldsmith to scrap bus lanes in bid to make capital greener

26 November 2015, Blog

Zac Goldsmith has declared that it is his long-term aim to scrap London bus lanes if he is successful in his bid to become London Mayor. The reason given for abandoning bus lanes, which was given during an interview with LBC, was that “electric cars will become popular so fast there will be ‘no point’ having bus lanes at all.” Before abolishing the lanes, Goldsmith would allow electric cars to use the lanes as an incentive.

His statement was met with bafflement by the public. An online Mirror poll indicated that 78% thought it was a bad idea to get rid of the lanes. Labour’s candidate, Sadiq Khan, also attacked the plans saying that he wants to make the journeys of bus users “easier, not harder”. Despite the fact that Goldsmith sees himself as a ‘green Tory’, his proposals were not met with enthusiasm by the Green Party. Caroline Russel, Green spokesperson said that they were a “staggeringly backward step.” 

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