Zac Goldsmith way in front, while Labour race still too close to call

22 July 2015, Blog

 A poll revealed this week that seven out of ten Tory supporters would name Zac Goldsmith as their choice for the Conservative mayoral candidate. The YouGov poll showed that Goldsmith was favoured by 69 per cent of Londoners that voted Conservative at the General Election in May of this year. Interestingly, this figure does not change a great deal when the wider London public were asked the same question; 63 per cent of them would choose Goldsmith.

Though it seems it is all but decided in the Blue camp, it is not over yet. 47 per cent of Londoners said they do not know who they will back. This leaves the door wide open for the likes of Tessa Jowell, the leading Labour candidate in the race, and her fellow Labour hopefuls.

The Red camp seems to have more of an actual contest between candidates. Last week a YouGov poll revealed that Tottenham MP David Lammy had overtaken Sadiq Khan in second place, behind Tessa Jowell. The fact, however, that it was not voters who were polled, but Labour supporters, places a serious question mark over the findings.

Voting papers for Labour’s mayoral candidate will be sent out on August 14, with the ballot closing on September 10. They hope to announce the winner sometime around their autumn conference.

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