Zac Goldsmith’s Action Plan for Greater London

20 January 2016, Blog

This week Conservative candidate for London Mayor launched his ‘Action Plan for Greater London’. His action plan lays out four pledges that he’ll work with the Government to achieve in the coming four years if he is elected as Mayor.

1. Start fixing the capital’s housing crisis

Goldsmith has already made an amendment to the Prime Minister’s Housing Bill that will guarantee two ‘affordable homes’ to be built in London for each council house sold. The mayoral candidate has now pledged to double house building to 50,000 a year by 2020.  He has also said that he will give Londoners the first chance to buy new homes built in the capital with his “Londoners First” rule. With this rule, any homes built on mayoral land – as many as 30,000 – will only be sold to Londoners. For one to qualify as a “Londoner”, they must have lived or worked in London for at least three years and don’t already own a home.

2. Improving the capacity and reliability of London’s transport system

Transport is setting up to be a key area of contention amongst the mayoral candidates, with Goldsmith saying that Labour’s Sadiq Khan’s fare freeze pledges are “rash” because the George Osborne is turning off the transport grant tap – cutting £2.8bn over the next four years. Ensuring the Night Tube goes ahead is a top priority for Goldsmith, as is improving and increasing suburban rail services.

3. Improving London’s living environment

Goldsmith is aiming to win the support of green voters from his pledge to protect the greenbelt from development,  tackling air pollution and to create more green spaces.

4. Making London’s streets safer

Getting to the root causes of crime is how Goldsmith is promoting this pledge. He has said that he will protect neighbourhood police teams, keep them on the street and put more police on public transport at night.

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