Zac struggling with key Londoners

20 April 2016, Blog

Sadiq Khan has consistently enjoyed favourable polls in the run up to the election for London Mayor on 5th May. Despite Zac Goldsmith enjoying the support of certain groups of the London population, such as older people thanks to favourable policies from the Conservatives like the ‘triple lock pension’, he’s still struggling.

London has a greater young population than the rest of the UK and Sadiq is much more popular with this demographic. He’s also more popular with black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) voters too, another group on the rise in London and one Zac and his supporters have been trying to win over.

According to the pollsters ComRes, Zac leads Sadiq 44% to 31% among white voters, but Khan has a 36 point lead amongst BAME voters even after targeted leafleting by the Conservatives. This “natural” advantage in the Capital for Labour, as ComRes calls it, will be a great struggle for Zac to overcome, especially as outer London – which voted for Boris Johnson at the last Mayoral election and is needed to counterbalance Labour friendly inner London – is waning in its support for Tories.

The “natural” disadvantage isn’t the only thing Goldsmith needs to overcome. According to ComRes, voters rate both Mayoral candidates’ personalities equally, and still can’t really differentiate between their policies. On demographics and the voters’ impression of his personality and policies, Goldsmith has a lot of work to do.

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