4 ways to reach out to the social media-savvy over 50s

15 September 2017, News

There are a number of myths around the over 50s’ use of social media, including that they are not on any platforms, are all afraid of technology (which they don’t how to use), don’t ‘get’ Facebook and prefer word of mouth and print.

While this may be true for some over 50s, like any group it is not true for all.

Below are our four top tips for communicating with this age group on social media.

  1. Find out on which platforms your target over 50s are active: Facebook (71% of 50-64 year olds), Twitter (33%), Pinterest (20%), LinkedIn (21%) and Instagram (12% but growing fast). If necessary, undertake some research and ask them!
  2. Identify what they are doing on the platforms where they are active: purchasing, research, information, social connections, dating or customer service comments. Remember, this is the generation that has the time – and inclination – to do lots of research before making a major purchase or taking a trip so attract them with good quality content.
  3. Adopt a different tone of voice on social media i.e. long form is good for the over 50s. Use correct grammar with fewer abbreviations and minimum hashtags. Don’t use slang or text speak and restrict your use of emojis.
  4. Finally, approach this audience as a distinct segment and develop a separate social media plan to communicate with them.

Too much work?

Don’t forget that the over 50s are very loyal customers so are worth your attention – and likely to deliver a good ROI.


Sabra Swinson is JBP’s Senior Counsel for social media and she is a member of the company’s new service AgeWise which helps brands reach out to the over 50s marketplace.

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