Big Innovation Centre appoints JBP

13 October 2017, News

JBP has been appointed by Big Innovation Centre to support the think tank with public affairs and media relations support. JBP continues to build on its technology portfolio as it increasingly engages in the 4th Industrial Revolution, expanding on client wins with London based Artificial Intelligence company, Braintree, UK founded cryptocurrency, LEOcoin, and the UK Vaping Industry Association. 

Big Innovation Centre is a business-led innovation hub. They provide thought leadership and consulting services to companies and public bodies seeking to address economic challenges and raise their innovative capabilities. They also provide the secretariat to the All-Party Groups on Artificial Intelligence and the 4th Industrial Revolution. Big Innovation Centre was co-founded in 2011 by Professor Birgitte Andersen and Will Hutton, who are respectively its CEO and Chair.

James Turgoose, JBP’s Managing Director, said: “With the current political and technological climate, now more than ever before the future is unclear and difficult to predict. The Big Innovation Centre seeks to provide practical answers to policy makers grappling with some of the biggest issues of the day, which is why the team at JBP are so excited to be working alongside them.   Finding the best way to communicate complicated and technical messages to a diverse audience is what our team excels at.”

CEO of Big Innovation Centre Birgitte Andersen said: “Big Innovation Centre is leading the debate on disruptive technologies and what the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) means for the UK economy and society. We exist to make the world more purposeful and inclusive through the enormous potential of technology, creativity and innovation, and pioneer digital platforms where we see gaps and opportunities. We propose practical reforms to rebalance and grow the UK and global economy, and we are the appointed Secretariat for the All-Party Parliamentary Groups on Artificial Intelligence and 4IR.  We are delighted to have the support of JBP in communicating this complex and exciting area. Their experience of working with innovative companies in this policy space will prove invaluable.”

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