Capital Club breakfast at Guildhall with the Minister for Housing, Kit Malthouse MP

31 October 2018, News

It was a great pleasure to welcome the Housing Minister, Kit Malthouse MP to our Capital Club Breakfast today. In the impressive surroundings of Guildhall, Kit spoke about MHCLG’s relentless focus on housing under the mantra “More, Better, Faster”.

More: the Government’s ambition is to deliver 300,000 homes/ year. Homes England is playing a valuable role in unlocking development opportunities to help deliver homes. MHCLG is also providing millions of pounds in infrastructure funding to unlock new opportunities over and above existing housing targets.

Better: we need to turn NIMBY to SLIMBY (Something Lovely In My Back Yard). Most objections to new housing development could be mitigated by good design. New homes should be bespoke to the area, use traditional building materials and create communities.

Faster: modern innovative methods of construction allow faster delivery of quality homes. Changes in the NPPF allow councils to assess developers on past delivery rates to ensure plans will be delivered on. Further, the affordability issues faced most keenly in London and the South East will only be solved by increasing supply.

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