Going for Growth – JBP client UKVIA announces first industry forum

18 December 2017, News

JBP is to manage a major event in the vaping sector, one of the fastest growth industries in the UK this century.

It will be responsible for launching the first industry forum the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA), the leading trade body in the sector. The Going for Growth Forum will focus on building upon the dramatic growth in the industry and realising predictions of a market value of more than £4bn by 2021.

The event on Monday 23 April will bring together more than 200 industry representatives, parliamentarians, public health professionals and researchers at the Kings Fund in London, a leading think tank for health and social care. It will gaze into the future, looking at the key opportunities and challenges for the industry including the advertising position of vaping; the regulatory environment – from Brexit to short fills; the role of big tobacco in the industry; next generation innovations; the role of the UK as a global leader in product standards and innovation, and building the evidence base for making the public health case for vaping.

Chris Lawrance, Managing Director at JBP, said “These are exciting times for the industry as more organisations acknowledge the vital role that vaping plays to help smokers quit, including the Government, Public Health England and the British Medical Association.

“We are delighted to be part of such a dynamic industry and establishing the forum as one of the biggest business to business event in the sector.”

JBP will be responsible for all management, marketing and PR activities for the event.

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