Green Industry needs to be placed at the top of the political agenda

6 March 2015, News

Businesses, entrepreneurs and academics from across the environmental and low carbon sectors will be given insights into the green policies of the political parties at an event being hosted next week (Thursday 12 March) by Low Carbon South West, JBP Parliamentary Affairs and Smith & Williamson. It will present an opportunity for the local business community to feedback on the issues facing the sector.

Despite the fact that the UK can claim that it currently has the greenest city in Europe in Bristol, the green economy has fallen down the political pecking order as healthcare, immigration and standard of living have become the main talking points. Consequently, there is significant interest in future political policy amongst those operating in the sector, who are looking at investment and growth.

Alan Bailey, Chair of Low Carbon South West, said:

“The green economy will be a major driving force for future prosperity in this country and a necessity to curb our use of natural resources. That’s why it is critical it gets the political attention it deserves and is put high up on the government agenda once again as it was pre-recession.”

James Turgoose, Head of Parliamentary Affairs at JBP and a speaker at the event, said:

“The green industries need reassurance that the next Government, of whatever political composition, will be committed to supporting the sector and future renewable energy targets. This event provides an ideal opportunity for the green industry to inform politicians about what they want to see from politicians over the next 5 years.”

The event will be held at Smith & Williamson’s offices in Portwall Place, Portwall Lane, Bristol.

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