JBP backing solo row bid

28 November 2013, News

JBP PR and Parliamentary affairs has announced that it is supporting a University of Bristol student in a bid to row solo across the Pacific in 2014.

On 7th June 2014, Elsa Hammond will depart from Monterey Bay, in California, to row some 2,400 miles across the Pacific Ocean. Her destination: Hawaii. Rowing for up to 16 hours a day, she will face a number of challenges, including spending up to 3 months without any human contact. Elsa is the only solo female participant in the race from the UK.

The race is of course a personal challenge for Elsa, but by taking part in it she also hopes to raise awareness of plastic pollution in the oceans around the world. The race will take Elsa near the ‘great Pacific garbage patch’, the world’s biggest landfill, and the young rower is keen to present this issue using social media throughout the row.

Elsa commented: “I hope that through taking part I can raise awareness of the issue of environmental sustainability within our oceans.”

To carry out this challenge, she is looking to raise £100 000. The money will go towards a robust rowing boat and its transportation to California. JBP is launching an Appeal to raise the necessary funds at the M-Shed on 28 January in the presence of Bristol Mayor, George Ferguson.

Chris Lawrance, our Managing Director says: “We will be providing our campaigning skills and business networks to support Elsa’s appeal. We like people who are up for a challenge and like to prove that nothing is insurmountable. We wish Elsa every success in her fundraising efforts and preparations for the race.”

For more information on Elsa’s Pacific challenge please visit: www.elsahammond.com.

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