21 June 2016, News

JBP has launched a new division to help companies grow and protect their reputations.

The reputation management division, which has been set up in response to the changing media landscape, will be headed up by Clarence Mitchell, former national BBC presenter and Number 10 media adviser. The team will also include JBP Managing Director, Chris Lawrance; Andrew Cumpsty, former head of corporate communications at McDonald’s and a senior counsel at JBP; and Karen White, a director at JBP and former Director of EMEA Communications at Herbalife.

Says Mitchell: “The media landscape has changed beyond recognition in the last few years: 24/7, with multiple channels, global reach and where everyone can express a view on your business. It can hit you hard if you’re not prepared.”

“Our new service is designed to help companies effectively manage the reputational opportunities and risks that the new media environment brings.”

JBP’s reputation management service includes a reputational risk audit and high level media training based on live or hypothetical scenarios. All participants will receive a guide to effective media reputation management.

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