JBP campaign helps to secure £60m fund to make more British kids’ TV

4 January 2018, News

A recent JBP campaign has secured broadcasters an extra £60m in funding to help them produce more home-grown children’s programmes.

The Save Kids’ Content UK campaign, which has been led by Teletubbies creator Anne Wood, secured a change to the Digital Economy Act in 2017 which will give Ofcom more powers to mandate public service broadcasters to make UK-made children’s programming. The campaign has now also been instrumental in securing money for commercial channels – including ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 – to help them to compete with the BBC’s shows.

In 2016, CBBC and CBeebies accounted for 87% of children’s programming.

As described on the BBC website, Ms. Wood welcomed the funding, saying she was “deeply grateful” for the move as programme-makers “desperately need more support”.

The funding, which will be spent over three years, has come from the 2010 licence fee settlement. The government has said that the funding would “stimulate greater variety in a market where the BBC is often the dominant buyer and broadcaster” of children’s shows.

It’s believed that the money will also be made available to many other “free and widely available” channels and streaming services, and potentially other online platforms.

JBP supported Anne Wood in forming the campaign in 2016 and the drive for legislative change.

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