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27 February 2013, News

JBP has been reaccredited with the PRCA Communications Management Standard (CMS) – an internationally-recognised accreditation to demonstrate PR excellence.

What does this mean for JBP clients? CMS ensures that you will have peace of mind that you are buying a professional service from a PR company that is committed to excellence. It offers the assurance that we employ the best practices, work transparently and that we constantly review our actions to ensure that they are in line with highest standards of the industry.

Independently audited on a regular basis by Redfin Management LLP (Redfin), CMS is the accepted kitemark of PR excellence and professionalism. It assures both clients and employees that audited firms are properly run, and are accountable.

For more information on CMS, please visit: http://www.prca.org.uk/CommunicationsManagementStandard%28CMS%29forconsultancies

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