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4 July 2013, News

JBP PR & Parliamentary Affairs has won the prestigious PRCA DARE Award for ‘Effective Engagement’ for its work on a mixed use development in St Austell, Cornwall.

The award is presented for projects that demonstrate how effective engagement has altered public opinion, delivered a change in policy and procedures and restored communities.

JBP dared to use social media to engage with new supporters and help them get their voice heard. As a result, JBP was able to engage with groups of people who would not otherwise take part in consultation.  By taking a strategic approach to digital engagement, monitoring conversations and auditing our target audience online we were able to secure a greater level of support.  These included young people and families who saw our client’s proposed development as a positive addition to their community in the long term. This support was demonstrated through a combination of increased engagement and support in the community, as well as leading to over 300 expressions of support being sent directly to the council.

Liam Herbert, managing director at JBP, said: “Effective engagement is all about reaching the right people, at the right time, in the right way. Traditional engagement techniques succeed in engaging people who are strongly motivated to take part, but they often fail to engage hard-to-reach parts of the community who don’t consume traditional media”

“Our team has made a fantastic effort on this project, working closely with local residents, stakeholders and businesses to understand their perspective on the development and to demonstrate how Coyte Farm can benefit St Austell and the surrounding area.”

“Winning this award demonstrates our continued drive to innovate at JBP and to ensure that innovation delivers the results our clients need.”

For more on the Cotye Farm development, click here

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