JBP delivers National Grid’s educational programme at Monksmead School in Borehamwood

15 March 2016, News

On 24 February, JBP and one other National Grid representative spent the morning with year 5 and 6 pupils at Monksmead Primary School in Borehamwood. The interactive lesson taught the children about the history of gas and its role in Borehamwood’s past. This month, National Grid will complete its work to demolish the gasholders on the Station Road site to prepare the site for future development.

The schoolchildren took part in some hands-on experiments turning solids and liquids into gas as well as trying on some of the modern safety gear worn by workers. Tom Remnant, Year 5 teacher, said: “We really loved having National Grid visit our school. The workshop was a great mix of science and fun. It is really good to see a responsible business such as National Grid sharing what they are doing in the local area.”

National Grid’s ‘School Power’ programme is important because it promotes science and other STEM skills among schoolchildren. National Grid hopes to inspire the next generation of engineers or scientists through their lessons. 

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