JBP MD interviewed by SW Business Insider magazine

27 February 2017, News

The thoughts of Chris Lawrance, Managing Director at JBP, were featured prominently in a feature on PR in leading regional business magazine, SW Business Insider. 

The article looked at the key factors in shaping the success of a PR programme. Chris said: “Investing time up front is key. If you don’t drive it in that early stage you end up with something that’s output-driven.”

Chris also warned client organisations that they shouldn’t give too much away in their briefs as to what they want but to encourage consultancies to demonstrate their worth through the questions they ask. He said: “Too often you see clients virtually telling people what they want and how. You need to allow agencies to work hard. There’s no point being too prescriptive – they’re the experts.”

Chris also talked about the importance of social media in shaping an organisation’s personality and its reputation.  He remarked: “It links back to your brand values, and if you opt out of social media, people might think you’re not transparent. No business will please everybody all the time, but if you’re open, honest and responsive, it will always help – and quite often you will find brand advocates defending you.”

He added: “Your brand is constantly being evaluated in small ways by different people on social media. It might affect recruitment – millennials, in particular, want to work at companies that are open, go-ahead places. Potential investors in your business might cast an eye over how you communicate.”

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