JBP organises top level debate on artificial intelligence

2 March 2017, News

JBP organised a successful round table debate for new client Braintree, which is one of the most innovative and forward thinking companies in the emerging artificial intelligence space.

The debate, entitled Artificial Intelligence: Fact or Fiction and are the Government ready for it? was chaired by Professor Peter Bentley, Chief Technology Officer at Braintree, and included guests from the national media, business, local government and the political arena. The media was represented by Andrew Lynch, Assistant Business Editor at the Sunday Times, Christian May, Editor at City AM, John Thornhill, Innovation Editor at the Financial Times and Brian MacKenna, Business Applications Editor at Computer Weekly.

Presenting the political view point were Alan Mak, MP for Havant, whose policy interests cover the 4th industrial revolution with the emergence of artificial intelligence; and Baroness Wolf of Dulwich, CBE, who was recently part of a panel at the Reform Annual Conference, which discussed a radical new vision of healthcare underpinned by AI technology.

Also present were representatives from National Grid, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, the Office of National Statistics and Birmingham City Council.

The debate followed the recent Government response to the House of Commons Science & Technology’s Committee report on Robotics and AI. It focused on:

  • The facts and fiction of artificial intelligence and whether current fears are justified;
  • The three laws of AI which dispel the common myths associated with the industry and explain exactly why AI will never get out of control;
  • The need for Government to take decisive action to help the UK be the world leader in AI development, and in certification and regulation to help the country benefit from new AI technologies safely.

The event was held at the Churchill War Rooms in London where machine intelligence changed the course of history for the first time.

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