JBP publishes first Annual Report for the UK Vaping Industry Association

28 September 2017, News

JBP has produced the first annual report of the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) following its inception in September 2016. The UKVIA is the country’s leading forum for supporting and promoting the circa £1bn vaping industry.

The report covers a year of significant development for the Association, its members and the industry from the EU Tobacco Products Regulations to the launch of Public Health England’s (PHE) advertising campaign to encourage people to use vape products in order to quit smoking. The annual report covers key stakeholder engagement activities that the UKVIA has been involved in as well as the progress being made by its members.

In his foreword Doug Mutter, a member of the Operations Executive at UKVIA, said: “It’s been quite a roller coaster year for our industry. It’s now critical that the Government puts its words into action and without delay plays a key role in disseminating the positive public health message around vaping and reviews the arbitrary Article 20 restrictions that are currently impacting our industry. The fact that PHE has launched an advertising campaign to encourage use of vape products to quit smoking is a great start.”

Please download the annual report here 

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