JBP sends Secret Santa pressies to Every Child Needs Christmas charity

5 December 2018, News

Employees at JBP, the national strategic communications and stakeholder engagement consultancy, are giving its Secret Santa presents to Every Child Needs Christmas, a charity which supports less fortunate children in the West of England.

The company has purchased over 70 gifts for the charity including footballs, rugby balls, David Beckham toiletries, headphones, sweets, make up sets, games, teddy bears, just to name a few.

Founded by Sara Arshad and a friend over a cup of tea six years ago, the charity has grown from providing just over 750 gifts in the first year to its target of 15,000 this year.

Sara, who won the People’s Choice Award at the West of Women of the Year Awards in 2018 for her work with the charity, said:

“Over the course of the last six years Every Child Needs Christmas has brought incredible joy to some 23,000 children up to the age of 16 and their families.

“It’s fabulous that the charity has grown so quickly. Xmas is a magical time and all children regardless of background should enjoy it. We have individuals and businesses all kindly donating presents.”

Chris Lawrance, Managing Director at JBP, added:

“Our staff all remember how excited they got at this special time of the year when they were growing up and we wanted to do our bit to ensure everyone in our regional community gets a present on Christmas Day. Sara and her team have done a fantastic job in a relatively short period of time to bring a smile to the faces of so many underprivileged children across the West of England.”

The charity has established excellent relationships with charities, schools, food banks and social services who play ‘Santa’ and help distribute the presents to the children.

This year’s Every Child Needs Christmas campaign will culminate with a big wrap event in Weston-super-Mare on the 7th and 8th December.

For further information about how you can get involved in Every Child Needs Christmas, please visit the charity’s Facebook page or contact via email: info@ecnc.org.uk.

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