JBP to facilitate consumer complaints

22 May 2013, News

Inventi, the company behind ToucanTom.com, a new free online system for consumers to lodge a complaint against their service providers, has awarded JBP the contract to launch the service and provide an ongoing brand awareness programme to drive traffic to the site.

ToucanTom.com is set to transform complaints handling by service providers in giving them a transparent and effective way to deal effectively with the millions of queries they receive from their customers every year.

The service is the brainchild of business partners Andre Chapman and Giuseppe (Joe) Baio. They came across the idea after they asked their secretary to query a £300 bill from one of the company’s utility providers, which took a staggering 90 hours to resolve.

Up to now, if consumers felt that their complaint had not been resolved satisfactorily, it would have been dependent on the customer to take it up with the relevant industry Ombudsman. Research has shown that very few people – less than some 10% – take this route.

ToucanTom.com provides an easy online system that does it all for you.  Once you have logged your complaint online, the service provider is alerted to the query and can respond to address it. The consumer then can either close the query or reply to the service provider. If the query isn’t closed by the consumer within the industry guidelines, the query is then locked and sent to the respective industry’s ombudsman for review.

ToucanTom.com can deal with issues with a range of service providers and sectors, from incorrect billing and termination fees to poor broadband speed and mobile phone reception.  Key sectors include gas, electricity, water, broadband, telecoms, mobile and travel.

Says Chris Lawrance, a managing director at JBP PR & Parliamentary Affairs: “We are delighted to be supporting such an innovative idea and one which brings benefits to consumers in getting their complaints resolved and service providers in terms of driving up their complaint handling performance. This contract award reflects our expertise in providing an integrated communications service to deliver a tangible return on investment for the client.”

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