Lightfoot Solutions open up the debate around data and integration in the UK

11 October 2013, News

On 8 October Lightfoot Solutions, in partnership with Westminster Forum Projects, facilitated a high profile policy conference in the heart of Westminster.

Lightfoot, a British based company, has had a great deal of success working in Australasian health services and used the opportunity to share their experience in New Zealand with high profile health specialists in the UK.

The event, “Integrating health and social care: next steps for delivery” brought together key politicians, including the Care Services Minister, Norman Lamb MP, the Shadow Health Secretary, Rt Hon Andy Burnham MP and former Care Services Minister Paul Burstow MP. Alongside these politicians were distinguished representatives across the health and social care sector including former NHS Confederation Chief Executive Mike Farrar and Chris Hopson, the Head of Foundation Trust Network.

The lively and timely debate centred on how the health and social care sectors can work together in an efficient and joined up way.  Integral to the debate were the contributions of Trevor Read, Global Director Clinical Services at Lightfoot Solutions and Caroline Gullery, General Manager of Planning and Funding at Canterbury District Health Board in New Zealand.

Together they explained the considerable success that Canterbury has had in creating an integrated approach to delivering health and social care. The conference was featured on the Guardian Healthcare rolling blog and received considerable plaudits from the politicians and stakeholders present. Norman Lamb, who tweeted ahead of the event that he was looking forward to hearing about the Lightfoot approach, announced in his keynote speech that the Government will make personal care budgets an entitlement from October 2014.

The event will play a role in shaping the debate on the future of integrated care in the UK – as Andy Burnham indicated when he told the 150+ audience that the Canterbury model will inform his plans for what he described as ‘Whole Person Care’ as the respective political parties shape their policies ahead of the next General Election.

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