#pollnight long party place to be on election night

15 May 2015, News

JBP’s election night party in Westminster has been heralded as the ‘place to be’ as the first signals of the results at the ballot box were announced. Hundreds of people from across the industry attended Shepherd’s on a night that turned out to be even more surprising than we predicted.

The event was mentioned in The Times [£] and the New York Times and there was plenty of conversation on Twitter too.

James Turgoose, Director of London, said: “JBP’s election night party was an historic night, and the disbelief in the room when the BBC exit poll was published ensured we had a night on tenterhooks. From the look of some people at breakfast it truly was a #pollnightlong party! I’m not sure if it is indicative of the evening that all the cardboard cutouts of the party leaders seem to have been “misplaced” by some of our merrier guests. With the noble exception of Nigel Farage who was safely returned to Shepherd’s the next morning.”

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