The over 50s market is where all the money is

21 July 2017, News

Marketing and communications professionals were told that a lucrative opportunity exists in the over 50s marketplace at an event held at JBP.

An impressive line of speakers, including marketing, social media, data and employee engagement experts gave their perspectives at a seminar organised by AgeWise entitled Wising up to an ageing population. The event was attended by representatives from charities, healthcare organisations, professional services and financial services.

Says Chris Lawrance, Managing Director at JBP:

“The event was extremely thought provoking and a real eye opener into the major opportunity presented by an ageing population – from how to communicate to this fastest growing segment of the population, to engaging with an ageing workforce so they become part of the brand proposition. The key takeaway for the attendees was the need to segment the over 50s marketplace as it includes so many different groupings and personas.”

AgeWise is the new marketing communications and engagement service provided by JBP, which supports businesses, charities and government organisations to effectively reach out to the over 50s.

Presentations and supporting information from the event can be found here.

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