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10 March 2016, News

Generating positive, high-quality media coverage is something that all organisations aspire to. It all starts with an idea, which is developed into a press release and finally makes its way into the headlines.

The Coverage Book is an online platform, which allows off and online coverage generated to be collated into a professional and informative report.

We highly recommend Coverage Book at JBP and use it for our clients. It allows you to:

  • customise books, adding your organisation’s name and logo to make it a great marketing tool!
  • apply high impact backgrounds and add your own analysis, both on the cover and for each item of coverage
  • include very useful metrics for online coverage such as websites’ monthly visits, coverage views, domain authority and social shares across the main social media channels
  • store coverage effectively in the cloud and access it online at any time
  • share it as a PDF or send it as a link
  • export all the data to excel
  • negate the need to cut and paste coverage and research metrics, saving significant time in reporting your media achievements

By Soraya Thoemmes, Account Manager at JBP

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