making a difference in a disrupted & connected world

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Communicating successfully through recovery

There has never been a more important time for good communication and engagement as businesses strive to recover their positions

None of us have ever experienced such an event as this pandemic in our lifetimes. Talking, questioning, listening and responding to those we work with and for will be key to navigating your way successfully through recovery. 

Download the reboot guide to learn how you can begin to get moving again.

Ask the experts the questions you need answering

Get involved in the conversation by asking questions directly to our guests, and discuss
your views with others in the audience.

making a difference in a disrupted & connected world

Future guests include

Andrew Vontz Head of Communications, Strava

Andrew Cave co-author of Power of Purpose and Daily Telegraph business writer

Michele Tesoro-Tess Executive Vice President EMEA, RepTrak

Julia Bramble
Founder, Bramblebuzz

13th July 16:30 GMT

 Upcoming events 

Luke Bigwood
Head of Brand, Communications & Public Affairs at Good Energy

15th July 09:30 GMT


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