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Over the last ten years, energy policy and regulation has become obsessed with a “trilemma” – a trilemma which led us to create our dedicated division JBP Energy.

Governments across the EU have struggled with how best to reduce carbon emissions, ensure security of supply through investment in low carbon electricity generation, while at the same minimising costs to industrial and residential consumers.

Attempts to meet all these objectives have spawned a myriad of incentives and penalties which have and will continue to impact on all businesses engaged in the energy sector.

JBP Energy (  is a dedicated division within JBP and our experienced team will help you both understand the current and future business impact of increased market intervention, and influence policy decisions.

Our services include our bespoke business tool, LiveWire, an online briefing service to keep generators, suppliers, investors, developers, and network distributors abreast of key Government and regulatory announcements and significant proposals emanating from political parties, analysts, market participants and trade associations.