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Public Policy

Public Policy

Are you an organisation or investor wanting to know more about where policy is heading in a specific area, or would like to bring your wisdom to the table to influence policy development?

Through our knowledge of and networks in Westminster and Whitehall we can help analyse, interpret and explain the policy landscape that you are operating or investing in as well as engaging you with the right people.
We can provide you with the inside track on what’s going on in Westminster and Whitehall through intelligence on:

  • Forthcoming legislation in Westminster (and where relevant in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and other regional powerhouses)
  • Policy announcements in Parliament and across Whitehall
  • Major political issues including the impact of Brexit and devolution
  • Parliamentary debates and select committee inquiries in Westminster
  • Analysis of the wider policy and political environment – including an assessment of the likely future direction of policy at a national and local level

When looking to influence the political community, it is vital to understand the policy environment to ensure that your messages resonate with a political audience.

Brexit & devolution

Two key developments will shape the political landscape throughout 2017 and beyond – Brexit and devolution –  JBP has set up specialist public policy teams to assist organisations in what this means for them.


The process of withdrawal from the EU will be devilishly complicated. But one thing we know for certain is that the Westminster Parliament is set to become a lot more powerful – both in the run up to the UK’s withdrawal and in the years afterwards. Understanding the dynamics within the Conservative Government, the back benches, the Opposition parties and others will be of real importance.


How will the metro mayors deliver on their election promises? What are combined authorities and how can businesses engage with them? Will the Mayor of London be successful in his bid for a distinctive London voice in the Brexit negotiations? How will Scotland react to being taken out of the EU “against its will”. And will the Welsh Government make the most of its new powers?

All these questions demonstrate that 2017 will be a fundamental year for the new model of power sharing across the UK. These devolved bodies have budgets and powers to shape their own response to the myriad of challenges the country faces.

JBP will help you understand what this all means and help ensure your voice is heard. We will do this by providing:

  • Regular Brexit & Devolution events in partnership with business groups
  • Monthly newsletters with the latest intelligence on Brexit and devolution
  • The latest political intelligence/policy advice on Brexit within specific business sectors
  • Knowledge on the UK Government’s negotiating position on key issues around Brexit
  • Advice on how to steer through the next 2-3 years