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We love working with organisations that are inventors in their respective sectors, shaking up out-of-date and stale business models and practices. We love working with those who are setting an example where they put their values and purpose in life at the top of their agendas. And we love working with those who are brave enough to stand up and be heard, to challenge the status quo.

We match your ambitions by creating PR programmes that break the norm and make the most of today’s connected communications world, harnessing the combined power of mainstream and digital media.

You may have a transformational new product or service that is going to set you apart and the world alight. You may be on a mission to do make the world a better place to live ; or you want to be known for what you stand for.

We do PR with a clear purpose.  PR which Influences businesses and consumers to buy your products and services. PR which changes people’s attitudes, views and behaviours so they think and act in the way you want them to. PR which says to employees that you’re the one for them.

a new media landscape

Today’s media landscape presents an abundance of PR opportunities - journalists, bloggers, social media influencers, the general public and your own channels all represent today’s media outlets.

The choice is extensive and can be daunting. JBP will help you make sense of the maze of opportunities available in the new Media world and steer a path that gives you the best return on investment campaign.

Our highly expert and experienced team includes former journalists, seasoned PR professionals and digital whizzes.

an extensive service

Everything we do is geared towards the strategic endgame. That could be winning a new segment of customers, entering new markets, establishing a standout positioning in your marketplace, retaining and attracting high calibre employees to support a growth strategy or getting buy in to a cause you are campaigning on.

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media audits

Our comprehensive audits, led by a director, will review current PR effectiveness and how it is measured. It will particularly look at content, media channels and results to identify new opportunities and build on what is working well.

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We have an extensive track record in developing and coordinating creative and branded media campaigns focussed on a specific theme, as part of an integrated communications approach.

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strategic counsel

Using its tried and tested Discover, Define and Deliver approach, JBP can help organisations develop highly informed, strategically aligned and high impact PR plans ready for implementation.

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media stars

We turn the specialists in your organisations into media stars by drawing on their expertise and knowledge: from setting up a client expert to talk to a newspaper or broadcast journalist to creating a blog or video for dissemination via social media.

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content marketing

We have a strong record for creating compelling and highly engaging content for multiple audiences, which sets out to maximise reach and interaction across traditional, online and social media.

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We work with influential individuals both offline and online - from industry experts to social media influencers - to drive brand and campaign advocacy.

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communications hub

Today it’s not just about managing a press office but multiple media requirements. We manage our clients’ ‘communications hubs’ to ensure a positive profile. This includes responding to media enquiries; developing relationships and organising media briefings with journalists and bloggers; distributing content to relevant media targets and monitoring and evaluation of media programmes.

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visual communications

We bring your story to life through creative video storytelling and captivating infographics drawing on our in-house design studio and video production team.

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