Strategic Planning

JBP supports organisations in ensuring that their communications fundamentally meet their strategic objectives, whether they be commercial, campaigning, policy, or brand.

We live in a time of significant disruption; and as with any disruption there can be both positive and negative consequences. New companies, technological solutions and products are disrupting sectors in ways for which they were never prepared. Our country’s politics is in a state of flux not experienced for generations.

In these disruptive times it is more important than ever to have a clear strategy that is flexible enough to react and adapt to this constantly changing landscape.

JBP has unsurpassed experience in supporting both the disruptors and the disrupted. We have been at the forefront of working in the digital currency and blockchain space, Artificial Intelligence, medical innovation, energy and infrastructure innovation.

We have also supported major corporations in handling cultural and organisational change, whilst keeping their customers and employees involved in the process.

In doing this, we specialise in embedding ourselves in an organisation to understand what makes it tick, whilst providing the objective consultancy they need to set a strategy that will succeed in a disruptive environment.

Campaign Management

JBP has not only taken the lead on existing campaigns to drive them to success, but also specialises in creating them from scratch. Our integrated approach to strategy and communications means we are experts at mapping out the stakeholders that need to be engaged to effect change. Using our policy and media experts we are then able to identify the levers that need to be pulled and the pressure that can be applied to ensure that they are.

The JBP team can work in many ways to support a campaign from providing consultancy to an organisation’s existing comms function, through to seconded staff who provide the face of a campaign.

Our team brings a wide breadth of experience, meaning we can deploy social media and digital expertise to support the public facing elements of a campaign right through to the detailed policy work to ensure legislative change actually works. Our media connections across multiple sectors also guarantees a campaign gets heard.

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