Hannah Price

social media executive

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What brought you to JBP?

After graduating with honours in Journalism & Public Relations in 2017, I started my own company within the sustainability industry. After two years running my award-winning company, I decided it was time to dip my toe back into the PR world so in 2019 I joined JBP as their Social Media Executive.

Tell us about your role:

It is my role within JBP to increase engagement between our clients and their audiences on social media. In the ever-changing digital landscape, a relationship with consumers online is now more important than ever. I supervise our clients on subjects including influencer relations, influencer management, strategic social media approaches and sourcing channels of communication within each social platform.

How does Hannah make it brilliant?

Influencer management / influencer relations / social media strategies.

And finally, what do you do in your spare time?

I love exploring different countries! A few of my favourite places around the world are Bali, Vietnam, Cambodia, Morocco and Australia. I also enjoy keeping active with regular spin classes. When I’m home I’m often either reading a new book, meditating or watching documentaries on nature, history or crime.

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