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What brought you to JBP?

I developed an interest in content creation when I was working with an influencer and then for a newspaper in Paris, and I chose to study politics and sociology because I’ve always been fascinated by people’s attitudes and behaviours.

I became Hannah Pollak’s mentee through a university scheme meant to pair me up with a professional who could give me some insight into a sector that matched my skills and experience.

Communications appealed to me as it requires thinking both analytically and creatively about how people work, and involves working with a wide variety of clients.

Tell us about your role: 

As a researcher, Hannah's day-to-day role at JBP is never the same - and this varied role is something she feels is quite exciting. Generally speaking, Hannah conducts media monitoring for a range of our clients, ensuring that we’re always on top of our clients’ reputation and public image. She also engages with influencers and journalists daily, pitching products and stories or supporting the organisation of events.

How does Hannah make it brilliant?

Research / Media Relations / Extensive language skills - speaking English, French and Spanish.

And finally, what do you do in your spare time? 

I like running, meditating and reading anything that comes my way, but you’ll mostly find me in the kitchen cooking healthy meals for my flatmates and slowly converting them to veganism!

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