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Discipline: Public Policy, Public Relations  Industry: Public services

Strategic objectives:

The UKVIA supports, develops and promotes the UK Vaping Industry. We represent the largest proportion of the vaping marketplace in the UK.

Areas of support:

  • JBP act as the secretariat for the UKVIA.
  • Extensive media relations work including responding to vaping stories in the news by arranging media opportunities for our spokespersons.
  • Continued online and social media campaign. The UKVIA twitter account receives over 2,200 visitors every month.
  • Organise and run several events throughout the year including VApril and the annual UKVIA Forum.
  • Secretariat support for the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Vaping


  • Launched the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Vaping with the help of Chair Mark Pawsey MP. In November 2018 the APPG on Vaping introduced their report; ‘Vaping in Workplaces and Public Places’.
  • UKVIA spokespersons have appeared throughout the media with appearances including on Sky News, BBC News, the Today Programme on Radio 4 and the Breakfast Show on Radio 5.
    Launched the VApril campaign, a month-long programme of engagement and education across the country. The 2019 VApril launch event on the 1st April was held in Covent Garden with special guest Dr. Christian Jessen.
  • The UKVIA’s annual Forum was held in Mayfair in May 2019, bringing together people from across the vaping sector. Special guests included Mark Pawsey MP, Sir Kevin Barron MP and Dr. Christian Jessen.
  • In October 2019 the UKVIA launched their ‘Facts Not Fiction’ campaign to combat harmful vaping scare-stories in the media. The campaign appeared in the I and the Metro, among other publications.
  • The UKVIA held an event at the Labour Conference in September 2019 on ‘Vapreneurs and the Economy: How Vaping SMEs have created jobs and opportunities across the UK’ with talks by the Shadow Ministers for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Bill Esterson MP and Chi Onwurah MP.
  • In September 2019 the UKVIA brought together more than a dozen global associations for memorandum of understanding on WHO’s COP8 vaping framework.

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