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Discipline: Public Relations  Industry: Health & Social Care

Strategic objectives:

  • Co-ordinate the UK media launch of V-LAP, the world’s first wireless in-heart micro-computer to be implanted in patients in the UK following seven successful procedures in Italy and Germany.
  • The V-LAP is a pioneering device designed to dramatically improve the quality of life for people living with heart failure, helping them better manage the condition and reduce the need for hospital re-admissions.

Areas of support:

  • Work hand in hand with media teams at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham and Hammersmith Hospital, London, to develop a narrative and key messages to support the launch.
  • Secure exclusive coverage in a Tier 1 national publication for the first procedure at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
  • Secure further follow up coverage for the second procedure at Hammersmith.


  • Exclusive feature in the Daily Telegraph for the first procedure.
  • Subsequently covered by the Daily Mail and the Sun.
  • BBC Click filmed the second procedure for broadcast in January 2020.

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