West of England Academic Health Science Network

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Discipline: Digital, Media Relations, Public Policy, Stakeholder engagement  Industry: Health & Social Care, Public services

Strategic objectives

To position the NHS-funded Academic Health Science Network, one of 15 in the country, as driving innovation in healthcare delivery through its engagement and collaborations with healthcare providers, the business community, patients and Universities.

Areas of support

  • Development of new stakeholder friendly and outcome focussed collateral including website and printed materials
  • Media relations to promote the work of the AHSN and the positive impact it is having on patients
  • Political engagement to showcase the role of AHSN’s in delivering enhanced care
  • Video production to bring the AHSN’s work to life
  • Social media training to help the organisations executives maximise the benefits of having a strong online presence


  • Significant positive media coverage in local and healthcare media
  • Research showed that 78% of stakeholders felt that the AHSN’s had become clearer
  • Heightened stakeholder engagement –for example 500 business connections made

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