Bristol City Council Local Election Results 2016

10 May 2016, Blog

The people of Bristol have voted red for the first time since 2002 with an overall majority for Labour and the announcement of Labour candidate Marvin Rees as their new Mayor. On first and second preference vote, Marvin Rees was elected with a total of 68,750 votes from 44.87% of the electorate who voted. Former Mayor George Ferguson received 39,577 votes, almost 30,000 less than Mayor Rees. Bristol saw a significant rise in turnout, up 28% from in 2012.

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What does Marvin Rees’ election mean for Bristol? 

Before Bristol went to the polls Marvin pledged to replicate George’s rainbow cabinet – perhaps not anticipating a Labour-majority Council. We’ll watch with great interest as the Cabinet begins to take shape to see which positions will be handed to the opposition.

Building a Better Bristol:

Building decent affordable homes to create the foundation of a successful city is a key priority for the new Mayor. This includes plans to set up a council owned company to oversee housing projects across the city; build 2,000 new homes – 800 affordable – a year by 2020; and establish a ‘Bristol Bond’, allowing people to invest in local housing schemes. This is an interesting opportunity for those in the property market.

Get Bristol moving:

Addressing the importance of getting Bristol moving is high up on the agenda, from protecting pedestrians to planning for new travel hubs. This includes stopping the expansion of RPZs and reviewing all existing schemes, which has been well received by many in the city.


The new Mayor aims to celebrate Bristol’s cultural offer to ensure it fully reflects the city in all its diversity. This starts with leading a first class bid to become the next European Capital of Culture. He will encourage education and understanding of the way Bristol’s past shapes its present, with specific reference to the complex legacies of industrial innovation, cultural creativity, trade and slavery that have created Bristol.

Health and wellbeing:

Marvin champions the importance of good health and wellbeing and how this shapes all aspects of life in the city. He plans to break down barriers to a healthy and satisfying life and prioritise mental health, by promoting good mental health in the wider community, emphasising early intervention, especially for children and young people and those at greatest risk.

It’s going to be an exciting few months and we will be monitoring the next 100 days closely to see what’s in store for Bristol. 

Here’s a snapshot of the immediate reaction from a number of key members of the business community in Bristol.

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