Welcome to JBP

Creating opportunities and managing risks
through strategic communications

We are JBP Public Relations and Parliamentary Affairs, an award-winning full-service communications consultancy with offices in Bristol, London, Warwick and Cardiff, and worldwide through our partnership with Worldcom.

We aim to deliver game-changing and strategically aligned communications programmes, which create opportunities and manage risks for our clients. We achieve this through our expertise in press relations, social media, stakeholder communications and public policy; coupled with our knowledge of the media, online, business and political communities.

Media: from profile raising and credibility building programmes to support our clients’ commercial goals; to managing online and offline reputations

Stakeholder engagement: from consulting with local communities to secure planning permission for major infrastructure developments; to creating vehicles for engagement with business prospects and intermediaries, which offer routes to markets

Public policy: from providing business-critical political insights; to engaging with parliamentarians about policy or legislation that can impact on our clients’ businesses or cause-related campaigns.