West of England Elections: what could happen on 2021’s ‘Super Thursday’

Mass UK elections during a global pandemic.  A Prime Minister fully recovered from the infection which has killed tens of thousands and who leads the Government to a strong performance at the ballot box. Labour only slightly increasing the number of seats it holds across the country.  A summary of the election results for ‘Super’ Thursday 6 May 2021? No – the election was 1918. Spanish Flu was the pandemic, David Lloyd George the PM and the Labour Party were only just starting to […]

Sturgeon in hot water, expenses and the budget

Sunrise over Westminster

Sturgeon in hot water  Scottish First Minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has faced calls to resign over new revelations in the Alex Salmond saga. Two former aides refuted her version of events and it was revealed that lawyers for the SNP advised the government that it was likely to lose any legal case they bring against the former First Minister.  With a little […]

A better balance?

The coronavirus has had a profound impact on the way in which we work at JBP: remote working, video conferencing, webinars, flexible hours and our reliance on technology has dramatically changed our working lives, our mindset and our culture.  Yes, it’s been a massive learning curve for us all but I’m massively in awe of […]

JBP unlocks major national coverage for the Master Locksmiths Association

JBP has undertaken a highly successful consumer communications campaign for the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) to raise awareness of the number of rogue locksmiths operating in the marketplace and charging customers more than six times the going rate. Working closely with the MLA, JBP devised a research-led initiative to establish data and examples of customers that had […]

JBP holds the key to communications for Master Locksmiths Association

JBP has been appointed to manage a consumer communications programme on behalf of the Master Locksmiths Association(MLA), a not-for-profit organisation established to promote skills and ethics in the industry, and the largest trade body in the UK representing the profession. From its office in Warwick, JBP will be responsible for developing and implementing a national consumer campaign […]

Do Global PR Networks Work?

Global PR networks are a bit like business development agencies – promise a lot and they don’t deliver but part of the fault lies with the agency for not committing investment to it. That’s certainly been our experience in the past. We’ve tried a number over the years and we’d give it a go only […]

Communicating through Coronavirus – 6 lessons for the future


The way we’ve communicated and what we’ve communicated during the coronavirus sums up who we are and what we stand for. So, what are communications takeaways from coronavirus that we can take forward into new norm. Here’s six for starters based on our advice to our clients. 1. Be clear, transparent and factual in your […]

Part 3: How to have a conversation about mental health in the workplace?


How to end the conversation So, was this a ‘blockbuster’ all in one story, or will there be more to come? Was it just the first chapter of your colleague’s book, or even a contribution to a compilation of short stories within your business? Just as a story concludes, or perhaps gives you a glimpse […]

Part 2: How to have a conversation about mental health in the workplace?


Creating the middle conversation You are now in a conversation, feeling comfortable and relaxed but wondering how to move to the next part of the story. As with a book, if the chapters jump from one subject to another without any obvious thread of continuity, the reader can become confused and have to re-read the […]